Friday, August 17, 2012

The mast is vertical - or it was earlier today

 I hoisted the mast for the first time today.  The goal today and the big task was to cut the shrouds to the proper length and then connect the sta-lok terminals that I'm using to connect the stays to the boat.  I used 3/8" line as temporary shrouds and head stay to hoist the mast.  I then measured and cut to length the real head stay and each of the shrouds, and then connected them to the Sta-Master calibrated turnbuckles that I'm using.

One of the best tips that I received at one time or another on one of the forums was to use a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel to cut the shrouds.  This was so much easier than trying to cut these things with a hack-saw.

Like every other task on the boat, I got pretty good at measuring, cutting, and attaching the sta-lok terminals just as I wrapped up the last one.

Here are the Sta-loks connected to the Sta-Masters.  I used Sta-Master turnbuckles because I've had good luck with them for (many years) on our e-scow.

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