Friday, October 26, 2012

I haven't posted in a while

 After the big rush to get ready to launch in September, I've taken time off from working on the boat.  I have a punch list of 30 or so items left before I consider the boat done.  This includes things like the electrical system, making the hatch waterproof (the boat doesn't leak from the bottom, but it does leak from the top), fairing and painting the rudder cassette, creating the motor mount, installing hiking straps, etc., etc.  Fortunately, a good percentage of these projects can be finished in the basement over the winter.

I'm posting a couple of pictures here, just for fun.  The one on the right shows the standing rigging on the boat.  As described before, I used t-ball hooks and backing plates to anchor the shrouds to the mast.  I installed stainless steel lined plastic fairleads in the spreaders for the shrouds to go through.  As you can see on the upper spreader there is only one set of fairleads whereas there are two on the lowers.  The two fairleads on the lowers are in-line and match the angle of the chain-plates.

The picture to the right is just eye candy.  A line of thunderstorms went by just before sunset,with blue sky behind them.  The colors and intensity of the reflections were amazing.  As far as the boat is concerned, the photo does show the hatch cover which matches the cedar strip cabin.

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